2016 Annual Meeting - April 20, 2016


The annual meeting of the Southwestern New Hampshire District Fire Mutual Aid System was called to order at 20:17 by President, Ken March. The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by a moment of silence in memory of our fallen members.

President March introduced the members of the Board of Directors who were in attendance: President Ken March, Vice-President David Chamberlain, Treasurer Chris Liller, Harry Boynton, Thomas Goddard, Real Bazin, Jay Wilson, Daniel Eaton, Harry Nelson, Curt Barnes and Chief Phil Tirrell. He also introduced special guests including retired dispatchers Deputy Bonnie Johnson, Walt Kesek and Win Wright.

Deputy Redin read the roll call which showed 37 departments represented.

Treasurer Ted Tillson was absent from the meeting. President March explained that the meeting minutes from 2015 were posted on the website and they were accepted as posted by unanimous vote by the members present.

The 2016 treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer Chris Liller and unanimously voted by the members present to accept the meeting minutes as read.

Chief Tirrell presented the following awards. Deputy Joe Sangermano, Retired Deputy Bonnie Johnson, Lieutenant Kevin Kennedy and Dispatcher Ashton Nyre were all recognized with outstanding attendance. Joe Sangermano was presented with a certificate of appreciation for his service to the administration. Tom Redin was presented with a certificate for outstanding service to dispatch operations. Kevin Kennedy was recognized for ten years of service. Dale Paquin was recognized for 20 years of service. Mike Tkaczyk, Tom Redin and David Chamberlain were presented with certificates of appreciation for their service to the board of directors. Ken March presented Chief Tirrell with an award for 30 years of service to SWNHDFMA.

Chief Tirrell’s coordinator’s report covered the following: • Introducing all of the staff (Officers, dispatchers and radio technicians) • RERP Grants for capital improvements $40,775, which will be used to link us to Capital Area to set up a backup for dispatch • Simulcast system is still up and running with many radio sites and a full backup • Regional training seminars-if you know of anyone you would like to come to talk to our system, let Phil Tirrell or Tom Redin know. This year we have Boston Fire Commissioner Finn • Building Renovation-The upstairs kitchen is in progress, Server upgrades are completed, IT/radio room is in progress • Building Use-Currently being used for EMT testing, Firefighting training, Forest Fire Wardens Training, Federation of Forest Wardens Association, New Hampshire Emergency Dispatchers Association Training, APCO Courses. If you would like to use the building, feel free to ask • Social Media-We utilize our website, facebook and twitter and have many followers. If you have something you would like posted to those, please forward it to Tom Redin or dispatchers@firemutualaid.com and we will be sure to get it posted • Text Alert Programs-Some departments are using Firefighter Response Systems, I Am Responding or Spotted Dog. This should not be your primary source of notification

Both Deputy Chiefs Redin and Sangermano discussed the following items: • Town liaison- All towns have a liaison in the dispatch center, if you do not know who your town has, please ask. • CAD program-We update this often twice a month. • Digitize alarms-We currently have 305 customers. This generates $76,600 of income per year. Encourage home owners and businesses in your area to have their alarms monitored by us. Fire departments can have their alarm monitored by us at no additional charge. • Communication training-We have a program we can put on for your department, please contact us to schedule a time. • Address updates and phone numbers-Please contact us at least once per year with updates to fire department officer lists, phone numbers and email addresses. • CAD text messaging-There is a few different people able to set this up but it does take some time. Please remember this is NOT to be used as a primary notification system for calls. Do not respond on text messages only. • EM Live • MDC Codes • Radio Traffic-Please try to limit radio communication to chief officers or first on scene. We do not need to hear from every member individually. Please try to use mobile radios; portables often do not make it to us. Please go to your assigned TAC channels and don’t use the main dispatch frequencies for communicating between the units on scene. Please do not use one way transmissions. • Premise names and site info-We can program in addresses of certain landmarks or businesses that callers might use when calling in an incident. We can add information such as medical info, safety info, lock box codes etc into the CAD to relate to responding units. • Runcards/master inventories-please keep these up to date at least once per year. Let us know about any specialty equipment your department has that others around you may want to utilize.

President March’s report on Board Activities: • Board of Director Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 1900 at Headquarters. • This past year the BOD made the decision per RSA 154:30d to limit any future members to dispatched only members. Current non-dispatched members are grandfathered. • Renovations are ongoing

New Business Director Harry Boynton of the Nominating Committee reported that four board members (Tom Goddard, Harry Nelson, Chris Liller and Curt Barnes) are standing for re-election. Also, member David Chamberlain is stepping down as of this meeting. The nominating committee presented a slate of Tom Goddard, Harry Nelson, Chris Liller, Curt Barnes and Ed Walker. There were no nominations from the floor. A motion was made by Dan Eaton, seconded by many, to cast one vote by the temporary secretary to accept re-electing the above board members and unanimously voted to accept the nominations as directors by the members present.

There will be a part time dispatchers hiring process starting in the fall of 2016.

The meeting adjourned at 21:17.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kassie Lunderville Dispatcher 6 (in place of Ted Tillson, who was absent)