YOU ARE INVITED! Waterous Mobile Demonstration Unit

All interested parties - officers, engineers, operators, maintenanceWHO? personnel, fire fighters, etc.

Fire Pump Training and CAFS demonstration with Waterous Mobile WHAT? Demonstration Unit


SULLIVAN FIRE & RESCUE 440 Centre Street Sullivan, NH 03445

WHEN? 18:00 on Monday, June 23, 2008 (lasts about 3 hours). HOW? The Waterous Mobile Demonstration Unit contains three cutawaycentrifugal fire pumps, which show internal construction. SUBJECTS: Fire pumps and accessories - Operation and maintenance.

• Single and Two-Stage Pumps • Pump Shift Mechanisms • PTO Pumps • Priming Systems • Pressure Control Systems • Intake/Discharge Valves • Compressed Air Foam Systems • Drain Valves Although we will deal specifically with Waterous pumps and accessories, much of the material on pump operation and maintenance is applicable to other fire pumps, regardless of manufacturer. A factory representative of the Waterous Company will conduct the class and answer questions.

PLEASE LET THE HOST FACILITY KNOW HOW MANY FROM YOUR DEPARTMENT WILL ATTEND. ( Call (603) 847-9020 and leave a message or email )