What to do if your clothes catch fire

When one talks about fire, he/she should make sure that everyone knows what to do if his/her clothing starts to burn. A clothing fire can spread rapidly and must be handled correctly. Teach family members that if clothing catches on fire they must: 1. STOP! Do not run! (Running only makes the fire bigger)

2. DROP! (Drop to the ground or floor)

3. ROLL! (Roll over and over until the flames are smothered. Cover face with hands)

To avoid clothing fires, wear clothes that:

1. Fit close to the body, especially when near open flames

2. Are made of tightly woven fabrics.

NEVER use hands for putting out a fire. Hands are very delicate, easily injured and difficult to heal. Hands should only be used to protect the face. The face is even more sensitive because of the eyes, nose, and mouth.