Fire Officer I/II CourseLocation: Hartford, Vt. Town Hall, (hosted by the Hartford, Vt. Fire Department)

Course Schedule: Orientation: Tuesday, April 12, 2016 (0830 - 1600) Week 1: May 9 - 13 (0830 - 1700) Week 2: May 23 - 27 (0830 - 1700) Week 3: June 6 - 10 (0830 - 1700)

Application Deadline: Close of Business on Monday, March 28, 2016 This is a Pilot delivery therefore space is limited to a maximum 15 students. Due to course demand, seats will be awarded to applicants based on fair department disbursement and the applicant's need for certification. An applicant's Chief or Training Officer may be consulted during the decision making process.

Prerequisites: Responder Hazardous Materials Operations Certification that qualified as current with NFPA 472. Current National Certification in Firefighter II Current National Certification in Fire and Emergency Services Instructor I NIMS Certification: ICS-200

Link to General Admission Application Course Description:

This program provides the current Fire Officers and aspiring officers timely information that aids in the performance as a company officer. This educationally sound, objective-based course addresses and complies with the National Fire Protection Association Standard, NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications, 2014 Edition. Topics covered include developing the proper mind set, accountability and responsibility, cultural diversity, safety and wellness, crew resource management, public relations, functional leadership, incident command, affirmative action issues, budgeting process, strategic planning, and strategy and tactics. The course also includes a research component where the participants complete 12 research projects on assigned topics based on their own fire departments protocol, policies and practices. An additional 40 to 80 hours of course work is required in addition to the course hours listed above.