TO: Vermont Fire Chiefs and County Fire Service OrganizationsFROM: Vermont Fire Academy DATE: April 28, 2017 RE: Firefighter I, II and Firefighter I/II program requests - FY 2018

The Vermont Fire Academy is accepting requests for Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Firefighter I/II and other certification programs to be held in FY18.

If your fire department or county firefighter association would like to host a firefighter certification training program in the upcoming fiscal year, please fill out a Request for Training form and submit it to the Vermont Fire Academy by June 15, 2017 for consideration. Requests submitted after this date will not be accepted. Awarded programs require a minimum of 15 students preregistered two weeks in advance of the course start date.

Selection Process for course awards: The course locations are finalized by the Vermont Fire Academy Staff, with the concurrence of the Vermont Fire Service Training Council at the June Vermont Fire Service Training Council meeting. Award notifications are sent shortly after the June Vermont Fire Service Training Council meeting and typically no later than July 1st. The awarded courses typically start in late summer / early fall of that same year.

Items the Vermont Fire Academy and the Vermont Fire Service Training Council considers when awarding requests: Adequate host facilities (classroom, area for practical skills, accommodations for building access) History of previous courses hosted in the county. Parking for students, instructors, and Vermont Fire Academy equipment trailers - up to tractor trailer size Site security, including snow removal in the winter When receiving multiple requests for courses in a geographic area, priority will be given to those submitted by a county organization or multiple departments. Requests accompanied by a significant number of completed General Admission Applications from applicants for preregistration will be a given higher priority. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please call the Vermont Fire Academy at 800-615-3473.