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Hello everyone and we hope this email finds you all healthy and happy. It is amazing that fall is upon us already! We here at FETC have been busy providing the brothers of Peterborough, Jaffrey, Dublin, Marlborough, Keene and S. Schenectady, NY with some progressive training that cannot be found anywhere else. I commend these departments for stepping up to deliver the latest material on fire behavior and modern fire dynamics class to their personnel. The fires that our brother and sisters are going to are heavily enriched with hydrocarbons and our class called Thermal Insult Recognition is opening the eyes of many in the fire service. Most recently (yesterday) Troy, New York had a residential building fire that injured 2 TFD firefighters with a rapid fire increase on the second floor that the media described as an explosion. Here is the news link with video

TIR has content that explains fluid in motion, smoke flow patterns, interior high pressure seeks low pressure viods and why ventialtion is not necessarily always our friend. Traditional tactics used in today's fires can create some of our own problems. It does not need to occur, we must train our personnel for the environment we are expecting them to work in. Hands on training today, for which follows NFPA 1403 can create a false sense of situational awareness for new and old firefighters. It is our job and duty to provide the material needed to make educational decisions before bad things happen to good firefighters.

Reminder that in as little as a few hours we can train your company or full department on the latest material in modern fire behavior and provide a new thought process towards fire attack and ventilation techniques. Call or email is today, we can discuss the material in detail. Better yet, call any of the departments that have done our TIR class for and ask them what they think.

We have also posted alot of training material on our new Facebook page, check it out here.

Take care and stay safe,

Billy Greenwood FETC Services Keene, New Hampshire (603) 313-2982

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