The Southwestern New Hampshire District Fire Mutual Aid System is pleased to announce that we have been chosen to receive a Fire Act Grant to implement an automated Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management System that will reduce the risk of injury or death to firefighters, emergency medical personnel and our citizens by providing up-to-date, accurate, and timely access to complete incident and resource information. In addition, by automating what is now an essentially manual operation, the system will greatly improve the quality of the dispatching services provided, and therefore enhance the ability of responders to deliver their aid in a more timely and effective manner. Further, the benefits of the system will be felt by citizens in all 78 of the member communities as they receive emergency services more quickly, with more prepared responders who have the appropriate equipment on hand as they respond to incidents. On an even larger scale, the automation that is proposed will provide the ability for the 78 participating departments to automatically record, store, process and analyze their incident data, thus significantly enhancing their ability to provide more accurate and timely data to state and federal levels. The CAD system will give dispatchers a real-time link to our 911 system, automatically creating incident records as it picks up the ANI-ALI feed, and will display caller ID data and a map of the incident location. Complete preplan information will be instantly available to the dispatchers including hazards, storage tanks, hydrant locations, water flow requirements, street closings, department SOGs, property drawings or photos and other external documents such as Hazardous Materials Guides and Emergency Medical Protocols.

The project will be provided by Symposium Technologies using Firehouse software.

Philip J. Tirrell, Sr.

Chief Coordinator

SWNH District Fire Mutual Aid System