27 Car 1 has arrived in Swanzey, and been placed into service. The Command Vehicle is a 2010 GMC Yukon XL, sold to Swanzey Fire by local vendor, Fairfileds in Keene. The Vehicle is one of a kind featuring the Chevy "municipal" package on a GMC chassis. The vehicle was custom built for the department in Detroit Michigan and shipped to Virginia, where it was upfitted by Fast Lane Emergency Vehicles (FLEV). Fast Lane is a premier upfitting agency whose contracts include several Federal agencies such as the U.S. Marshals. The Car features an electronic multiplexing controller as opposed to the more antiquated 'load master' concept and is completely integrated with the vehicles existing on board ECU. Two separate computers were installed. One is mounted in he command box and operated by one of the two touch screen monitors in the command module. The Motorola 'toughbook' with CAD integration and internet access stays mounted in the officers seat and is then remotely controlled upon arrival at a scene by the second touch screen monitor in the back of the vehicle. The command module features 4 mobile radios, and 1 airport portable radio. Also a emergency phone is mounted in the rear for on scene 'hardline' communications. Gear storage, medical response equipment, oxygen, SCBA, APW & extinguishers, are just some of the equipment found behind the 2nd row seating. Impress chargers for portable radios, flashlights, and white/red interior lighting are some of the other accessories the vehicle was equipped with aftermarket. Information and photo provided by Swanzey Fire. Photo by Tyler Boucher. 27car1