A summary of the Fire and EMS departments who assisted in Keene on Saturday for the riots and level 2 MCI. The following were called in, once the level 2 MCI was declared. Marl-Harris Ambulance 20A1 Troy Ambulance 34A1 Walpole Ambulance 35A1 Rescue Inc A2 and A5 Golden Cross Westminster 42A1 Fitzwilliam 10A1 Marlow Ambulance 21A1 Antrim Ambulance 2A1 Swanzey Fire 27C1, 27E2, 27L1 Marlborough NH Fire 20T1 Spofford Fire 29E1 Winchester Ambulance 40A1 Fire Mutual Aid MCI Trailer DHART Helicopter

Side note - Jaffrey Ambulance was relocated to Troy Ambulance Station

Departments that were assigned to stations set up in Keene for the day were the following: Diluzio Ambulance Rescue Inc. Ambulance Brattleboro Fire Peterborough Fire Westminster Fire Putney Fire Lempster Fire Golden Cross Ambulance

All of this response is planned out carefully before the day even begins. When bad things happen, a well thought out plan works. Sadly, when people are having a bad day, our mutual aid system works and works very well. From the dispatch center personnel to all the personnel working in the field, it is a total team effort.

Our brothers and sisters that wear the police badge deserve a huge round of applause for their efforts. The police dispatchers, and a whole lot of people who work behind the scenes from the bus drivers to the Public Works employees and far too many other groups to name all came together to make a very bad situation go as smoothly as it possibly could.

We salute all of you! Stay safe out there!