35 years ago today - Anniversary - Joy Fire Claremont. Jun 07, 1981 - Claremont NH - General Alarm - Joy Manufacturing Complex (Belfon Machine and Whipple Paper Company) Mutual Aid- Charlestown, Walpole, North Walpole and Saxton's River with large diameter hose were dispatched on the second alarm Ladder and Pumper from Newport, 2 engines from Cornish. Wind conditions caused multiples fires in the area jumped the river and started a 6 story foundry on fire also. Pre-Plan -36 Engines, 18 aerials and 441 Firefighters at the scene. Even before the second alarm was fully dispatched, 56C1 requested a third and fourth alarm for box 21.Click here for some pictures

Audio of the fire compliments of Claremont Firefighters Association The dispatcher at Fire Mutual Aid (KCF415) is Ed Mattson, who is still serving proudly today. Click here to listen to audio from fire