Today the City of Keene signed the purchase and sales agreement paving the way for Fire Mutual Aid to eventually own the present Keene Central Station at 32 Vernon St. The present central station will become headquarters for Fire Mutual Aid Dispatch Center and will also house the Radio Repair Shop as soon as Keene Fire moves into their new quarters which will be built across the street in the Elm St. parking lot. All photos provided by Capt. Joe Sangermano,Fire Mutual Aid. Doing the signing on the right side of the picture are Keene City Attorney Thomas P. Mullins and City Manager John A. MacLean.Looking on at the left of the picture are Fire Mutual Aid Chief Philip J. Tirrell and Keene Fire Chief Gary Lamoureux.

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Participating at the signing from left to right: Harry Boynton,President Fire Mutual Aid Board of Dirctors;Chief Philip J. Tirrell,Chief of Fire Mutual Aid;Lt. Tom Redin,President of Fire Mutual Aid Dispatchers' Association;John A. MacLean,Keene City Manager;Gary Lamoureux,Keene Fire Chief;Capt. Joe Sangermano,Operations Captain Fire Mutual Aid.

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