NH WEATHER UPDATE 10/29/12 AT 10:30

Entire state continues to be under a High Wind Warning, Flood Watch for most of the state, Coastal Flood Warning for Rockingham County A Weather Advisory is issued if after review of pertinent weather information it is determined that escalating emergency conditions may be possible.

Today, the impacts from Hurricane Sandy will begin. The impacts are listed below, separated by type. The forecast includes the period through Tuesday afternoon in order to cover the entire storm.

Rainfall: Rainfall amounts of 1-3 inches will be widespread across the region. Localized totals of 3-4 inches can’t be ruled out. The heaviest rain should be from 3pm Monday through 2am Tuesday for areas south of the Lakes Region and 6-8pm today through 8-10am Tuesday across areas of the state north of the Lakes Region. We should see the heavier rain taper to scattered showers that will be lighter after 10 am through the day on Tuesday.

Wind: Widespread damaging winds will be possible over an extended period of time. Winds will continue to gradually ramp up Monday morning. The strongest wind period should be from noon Monday through about 2am Tuesday morning. During this time, the New Hampshire Seacoast should see sustained winds of 25-45 mph, with gusts of 45-60 mph. Expect sustained winds of 25-40 mph, with gusts of 40-55 mph across the interior areas of the state. The interior winds should be strongest along the higher elevations. Winds should gradually settle down after 2am Tuesday morning. We should see peak gusts of 30-40 mph across the region by morning and this should hold through most of Tuesday. The winds should continue to settle down later Tuesday.

Thunder: Low amounts of lightning will be possible from 3pm to 10pm Monday and from 10am Tuesday to 8pm Tuesday. In addition, isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out during these times. The chances of this will be 5%.

Storm surge: Onshore winds will bring an enhanced risk of coastal flooding across the New Hampshire Seacoast at times of high tide. The storm surge should peak at 3-5 feet from 3pm Monday through 11pm Monday. There should be two periods of significant coastal flooding with the high tides. The first will be from 9am this morning through 3pm this afternoon with a max around noontime. We should see minor coastal flooding during the day Monday. Minor or moderate coastal flooding could also occur from around 6-7pm this evening through 3am tonight with a max around midnight.