In case some of you are wondering who Mrs McDonald was from Lt. Whipple's Christmas Poem, I asked Mrs. McDonald's son Charlie who in the past worked at Fire Mutual Aid what the story was behind this. The following is from Charlie:My mother was born and raised in Harrisville where I also lived before moving to Keene. My mother continued to live in Harrisville until her later years when she got to old to live alone as my father had passed earlier. So I made an apartment in our house for her to live in and she moved to Keene. About that same time I became a dispatcher for Mutual Aid and she thought that was about the best thing that ever happened to me. So she always made sure I brought goodies to the dispatchers to munch on and she would always call up Christmas eve and wish who ever was working a Merry Christmas, as she never failed to do it all the years she lived with us. After I left Mutual Aid she would always have me bring goodies to Mutual Aid for the dispatchers working there and that continued on for quite a while after I left Mutual Aid. She never gave up calling Mutual Aid on Christmas eve..So I guess that is where she always gets mentioned on Christmas eve, and it brings a tear to my eye now when I hear the poem on Christmas eve..Thanks for doing that...and continue on doing great work at Mutual Aid....Charlie The picture is of Mrs. McDonald sent to us by Stephanie Malcolm who is Charlie's grand daughter. Mrs McDonald