Jamaica Vt. Third Alarm Building Fire at Mo’s Market, 106 Route 30. Call received at 02:39 Hours. A first alarm was transmitted sending Jamaica, Wardsboro, Townshend, Winhall Tanker and Rescue Inc Ambulance to the scene. Winhall to cover Jamaica. At 02:52, 47C1 was on scene and ordered the second and third alarms transmitted. This brought additional engines from Winhall, Townshend, South Londonderry;tankers from Winhall, Newbrook and Windham;Large diameter hose from Townshend and a cascade from Newbrook to the scene. Londonderry was sent to cover Jamaica. At the same time the Stratton Tower was special called to the fire. Central VT Public Service was also dispatched as there were live power lines down on Route 30, hindering the firefighters. At 3:06, Manchester Vt was dispatched to cover Winhall;Grafton covered Townshend;West Dover covered Stratton;Wilmington covered Wardsboro. At 3:10 additional tankers were dispatched from Stratton and Williamsville to the scene. At 3:16, an additional ambulance from Rescue Inc. and one from Londonderry Ambulance was dispatched as they had several occupants that needed to be checked. One occupant was transported to Grace Cottage Hospital for smoke inhalation. Dummerston was dispatched to cover Newbrook. At 3:24, Tankers from East Dover and Putney were sent to the scene. At 3:50, command requested 3 more tankers from the north side to the scene. Manchester Vt, Weston and Chester were dispatched. Peru was dispatched to cover Winhall. At 4:02, Weston sent an engine with 5 more firefighters to the scene. Ludlow was dispatched to cover Weston. At 4:31, Tankers from Guilford and Chesterfield were dispatched to the scene. At 8:08 the Red Cross was notified. At 8:09, Londonderry, Grafton and Dummerston were sent to the scene as relief crews. At 8:24, Saxtons River was sent to cover Townshend and Putney to cover Newbrook. At 8:34, Peru was sent to cover Jamaica. The Vt State Police Investigator was requested at 4:17 hours. Nine additional tankers were dispatched above the third alarm. Dispatchers on duty were Lt. Tom Redin and Dispatcher Kassie Dupre. This fire was a very positive example of how our Mutual Aid System works and works very well. Photos by Chris Liller, Wardsboro Fire Chief. 47 3rdalarm 082112 1

47 3rdalarm 082112 2