Survivair Cougar 4500 PSI SCBA Air Packs - For Sale The Winchester, CT Volunteer Fire Company is selling eight (8) Survivair Cougar 4500 PSI SCBA air packs with various size masks & 8 spare bottles. These packs are NFPA 2002 compliant MFG 2006 and have all been regularly serviced and flow tested within the past year. Units come with HUD mask and (RIT) connections. There are 16 - 30 Minute carbon fiber bottles which are just 10 years old and recently hydro tested. These packs were taken out of service this week due to purchase of new SCBA units and are all lightly used.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and looking for a reasonable offer on the entire package including spare parts. We have service records available. Offering these on a first come basis as a lot. SCBA units are available for viewing or we can send photos prospective buyer. Please contact the Chief at 860-307-0858.