The full time staff at Fire Mutual Aid. The men and women who answer the emergency calls and dispatch the resources needed for 78 towns in New Hampshire and Vermont 24 hours a day/seven days a week. To our knowledge, there has never been a recent picture of the entire fulltime staff due to schedules and the fact that at minimum, 2 dispatchers need to always be in the dispatch center. Photo taken in the new dispatch center by David Symonds, Keene Fire Dept. Photographer.Combined years of service = 178 years of service. The average number of years on the job = 16 years.

Left to right - Deputy Chief Joe Sangermano (MAC-2);Lt. David Whipple(Dispatcher 1);Lt. Matt Yeatman(Dispatcher 3);Dispatcher Erik "Kaz" Kazlouskas(Dispatcher 5);Lt. Kevin Kennedy(Dispatcher 4);Dispatcher Jay French(Dispatcher 6);Dispatcher Kassie Dupre(Dispatcher 7)Lt. Tom Redin(Dispatcher 2);Dispatcher Virginia Gilman(Dispatcher 8);Deputy Chief Bonnie Johnson(MAC-3);Chief Phil Tirrell(MAC-1)