LeeE3MaxLee, Massachusetts- Sometime before Christmas, someone broke in to the garage where the antique 1939 Maxim pumper was being stored and stripped the truck of everything of any value, up to and including the couplings on both the suction sleeves and the load of 2 ½ inch hose that was stacked in the hosebed. The cowling and radiator, as well as the windshield brackets were also removed. All of the hand rails and boot rack bars were taken. A set of antique Dietz lights, one red, the other blue, that came off their old 1920’s Pierce Arrow, were also taken. If the members are not able to locate the parts, the truck will have to be junked! This garage is located in a remote area, that is hard to access in the winter, yet it appears the theif or theives made several trips over a number of days. Lee Fire is trying to get the word out to as many people as possible, in the event any of this material should show up at a flea market or show in the future. This individual(s) took the time to unbolt everything so the thought is they are looking to resell the parts. The Lee Fire Department is asking that if anyone sees the items mentioned above being sold or any new items being placed on Ebay or at flea markets from a 1939 Maxim to please contact them.