You can now see the live activity at Southwestern NH District Fire Mutual Aid Dispatch Center on line.Simply click on the following link: Click here for the link

Under connect to your department, click on the link in small print that says, click here for a list of active agencies. Then click on Southwestern NH District Fire Mutual Aid. The active calls that are in progress will show on your screen. You will see the street the call is on, the cross streets (if provided), the type of call, times, and responding units. If you click on “Show Details” you will see the units status and a Google map will be displayed showing on the map the location of the call. To hide the details, click on “Hide Details” and the details will go away. The calls you are seeing are actual calls that are going on. When the call is finished, the information for that call will go away. This site refreshes automatically. Our responders can actually save this web site to their smart phones and use this as a tool. We are dedicated to providing the most up to date tools in the industry to further support our responders.