Have you ever wondered what the dispatch center looks like? Here are a few pictures and descriptions. Photos by Lt. Tom Redin, Fire Mutual Aid. The full dispatch position with 5 screens, 2 keyboards, 3 mice and multi line telephone.

Full Dispatcher Position 051812

The 2 large monitors. The left one is a status board that all dispatchers have access to for updating at any time. The right one is for a security camera outside.

Large Monitor screens 051812

The patch board representing all the fire departments dispatched by us.

Patch board at Dispatch 051812

A close up of the radio console screen. Each square module represents a different antenna site and or frequency for the radios that we talk on.

Radio Console Screen 051812

The incident entry screen on the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. This is the screen where all incidents that are dispatched are entered.

CAD Screen 051812

The 2 Digitize alarm receivers. The left one is for the Gamewell system that receives all box alarms for the City of Keene. The right one is owned by Mutual Aid for private alarms from residential and commercial properties. Have your alarm monitored here. Call us for details.

Digitize Alarm Machines 051812