Do you know where your alarms are being monitored?

The fact of the matter is that it could be monitored almost anywhere in the country; probably in some big city at some big alarm answering center. So what is the problem you ask? Maybe nothing at all if the long distance telephone service to their area is not overloaded or not functioning. And even if it is, to them you are just a blip on their computer screen; just a telephone number. They know nothing about where you live or who provides your emergency services. If their information is old or incomplete, you could be left high and dry trying to get help when your alarm trips. When your alarm comes to us, it comes in on a local telephone line, within seconds we dispatch you help.

No one can get you help faster than us! We are the Southwestern New Hampshire Fire Mutual Aid Dispatch Center and we are the people that dispatch your fire and ambulance help in 78 communities in southwestern New Hampshire and southeastern Vermont. Doesn't it make sense to have your home or business alarm monitored at the same location that actually sends you help when you have an emergency?

Please call us at 603-352-1291 to find out how to have your alarm answered at our emergency dispatch center.