Greenfield Fire is a hosting a NCCP Refresher put on by the Academy of 
First Response class next weekend, January 11-13. This is a 20 hour 
class that will provide the attendee all of the required NCCP hours for 
biannual recertification. We have a few seats available. The class meets 
on Friday evening from 18:00 to 22:00 and then 08:00 to 16:00 on 
Saturday and Sunday. The cost is $200. I know this question will come 
up... no we will not be able to offer parts of this class cafeteria 
style. It is a logistic nightmare to have a student come in for an hour 
here and another hour or two the next day to capture the pieces that are 
missing for their recert. This needs to be an all or nothing kind of 
class. The good news is if a student is missing a few hours and they 
take this class, they can use the other hours for general con-ed towards 
their recert. So that's the deal, please get in touch with me by email 
or phone if you would like to take the class.


David Hall, 603/547-2222