ON THIS DATE IN HISTORY – 75 years ago today on April 28, 1941 – The large forest fire that occurred in Marlow and Stoddard. In 1941, the infamous Marlow-Stoddard fire burned 24,000 acres during the last three days of April before a freak May 1 snowfall extinguished the blaze. The fire started at a Marlow sawmill engaged in sawing some of the 500 million board feet of lumber salvaged statewide from the four billion board feet of pine timber blown-down during the ’38 hurricane. The Marlow-Stoddard fire was the largest fire to feed on the fuel of hurricane debris.


From April 17, 2016 through April 26, 2016 at 0600 hours, the dispatch center dispatched 558 incidents. These ranged from medical calls to multiple alarm brush and structure fires throughout our system and beyond that we sent help mutual aid. The multiple alarm fires add even more of a work load to the dispatch center then what the 558 incidents show because we are dispatching multiple towns to the same incident. The week was one of the busiest in recent times. Some of the larger fires require a great amount of “behind the scenes” work to plan out the resources that can be sent. Many times we had to plan resources for different multiple alarm brush fires. We also need to make sure that there are resources available and in service and placed strategically around our system geographically. I have a great amount of respect and admiration for our dispatchers who all performed professionally and methodically and never once missed a beat with the work load presented to them. We also had dispatchers manning a Field Comm. Trailer provided by Cheshire County Sheriff’s Department in Stoddard for the brush fires.
My sincere thanks to all of them!
MAC-3, Deputy Chief Redin


Mutual Aid given and received. Just an example of how important mutual aid has been this past week.

38 covering W Weathersfield 1

Putney covering West Weathersfield Vt yesterday. Photo by Eric McGowan.

24 being covered during 31 fires 0416

Wilton and Milford staging in Peterborough last week during the brush fires in Stoddard. Photo by Brett French.