On October 11,2010 at 0605 hours,the dispatch center took calls for a serious MVA in Rockingham on Rte 5/103 at the exit 6 ramp for I-91. The callers were reporting a vehicle under a tractor trailer unit with entrapment. Rockingham Fire & Rescue,Bellows Falls Heavy Rescue and Golden Cross Ambulance were dispatched along with a call placed to DHART Comm. to get a helicopter started. Saxtons River was dispatched to establish a landing zone at Sonnax. Command requested a heavy wrecker from L&B Trucking and 2 more sets of Jaws. Westminster and Springfield were dispatched for Jaws response.Crews also had to deal with leaking diesel fuel from the saddle tanks on the truck. Vt State Highway was called to bring sand to the scene. More photos are under “Fire” tab, then Rockingham, then incidents. All photos by Brian P. Johnson,Dispatcher Fire Mutual Aid.



The memorial benches at the location where the Star Hotel once stood in Bellows Falls. Bellows Falls Firefighter Dana Fuller and Firefighter Terry Brown died in the line of duty on December 29,1981 while fighting the fire that destroyed the hotel. Photos by Lt. Tom Redin Fire Mutual Aid.

DanaFuller Memorial Bench 52 101010

TerryBrown Memorial Bench 52 101010

WebEOC Training

Monday, January 10th, 2011
Goshen-Lempster Coop. School
24 School Road
Lempster, NH
6:00 p.m. to approx. 8:30 p.m.

This class will allow the participant access to the on-line incident management tool called WebEOC. WebEOC allows access to up to the minute information during a significant event occurring within the State. WebEOC also allows direct communication with the State EOC during activation.

Registration is required for this class (and we need a minimum of 12 people in order to have the class). To register, please send an email containing your name, affiliation/community, title/position and email address to or 223-3606.

If you have any questions, please contact your Field Representative.

Fitzwilliam Fire Department Fire Prevention / Recruitment Open House

Sparky the Dog and his friend the Sparky the Robot will be coming to the Fitzwilliam Fire Department on October 10 from 10am to 2pm to meet everyone and talk about fire safety and fire prevention. The open house is for all ages. Come join the members of the Fitzwilliam Fire Department and Sparky for interactive fire extinguisher training, auto extrication demonstrations, blood pressure and vital sign checks. There will be free door prizes of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, snacks and other activities going on throughout the open house. The Fire Prevention Trailer from Mutual Aid will be on hand for activities like “learning not to burn,” home fire safety, “stop drop and roll” among others. Sparky and the members of the Fitzwilliam Fire Department hope to see everyone there!

The officers and personnel would also like to encourage people to join us as part our fall recruitment open house. Every day, in our community, emergency responders answer the call of our families, friends and neighbors who are in need of assistance. From car accidents to heart attacks, from house fires to technical rescues, emergency responders are there to protect lives and property.

Emergency responders are a special type of people, with many different reasons for answering the call of duty. Some like the challenges and the adrenaline rush, while others like to sharpen their emergency skills and techniques. Every one of them answers the call so that they can help someone in need.

If you are interested in helping the community and learning new lifesaving skills, now is the time join the Fitzwilliam Fire Department. Firefighting courses are starting this October in Fitzwilliam. If you are at least 18 years old, in good health and can work as a team, come find out more on October 10 form 10am to 2pm at the Depot Fire Station. We are currently accepting applications for firefighters, rescue and ambulance personnel. We will provide the training, with most of the training occurring right in Fitzwilliam. The Fire Service is a proud hard working group; please help us help the community. For more information, please contact Chief Bill Prigge, Asst. Chief Edwin O. Mattson, Jr., or Deputy Chief Nancy Carney at 585-6561.



1962 Dodge Power-Wagon P/U
4 Wheel Drive
6 cylinder gasoline engine; 4 speed manual transmission; 12 volt electrical system
VIN: 2461195653

Modified from original with installation of front-mounted pump and extended front bumper; and installation of water tank within the original bed

Unknown exact mileage due to non-functional odometer; Believe mileage to be no greater than 14,000

Exceptional maintenance history, with all maintenance records available for review upon request

Overall condition is very good, with some minor rusting of the cab corners

Minimum Bid: $8000.00

All bids shall be submitted via USPS before October 10, 2010 to:
Putney Fire Department
Attn: Chief Goddard
PO Box 875
Putney, Vermont 05346

For additional information, or to schedule a viewing of the vehicle, please contact:
Putney Fire Department
Chief Thomas Goddard
14 Main Street

038 2

038 1

038 4

038 3