The Staff at Fire Mutual Aid

Chief Coordinator – Philip J Tirrell, Sr. MAC-1

Full Time

    Joe Sangermano Deputy Chief MAC-2
    Tom Redin Deputy Chief MAC-3
    David Whipple Lieutenant Dispatcher 1
    Matt Yeatman Lieutenant Dispatcher 2
    Kevin Kennedy Lieutenant Dispatcher 3
    Jay French Lieutenant Dispatcher 4
    Erik Kazlouskas Dispatcher 5
    Kassie Lunderville Dispatcher 6
    Virginia Gilman Dispatcher 7
    Ashton Nyre Dispatcher 8

Part Time

    Ed Mattson Lieutenant Dispatcher 9
    John Bates Dispatcher 10
    Robert Maynard Jr. Dispatcher 11
    Mike Bailey Dispatcher 12
    Anna Kercewich Dispatcher 13
    Dustin Holmes Dispatcher 14
    Corey Conroy Dispatcher 15
    Ryan Shafer Dispatcher 16
    Joe Amato Dispatcher 17
    Alyssa Abbott Dispatcher 18
    Julianne Caron-Dale Dispatcher 19

Radio Repair

    Cindy Paquin MAR-1
    Charlie Wright MAR-2
    Julianne Caron-Dale MAR-3
    Tom Powers MAR-4 (Public Safety Vehicle Equipment Division)

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